Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Let Me Read You Uns a Birdie Story

The lighting, etc. still needs work but I said I'd do this and now I have!  I'm reading The Cutshall Boys and the Florida Grass Widow.

It took several tries and my voice became a bit strained. I'll reconfigure my setup a bit--next time I'll read the opening of And The Crows Took Their Eyes.

Video link

The original post of the story is HERE. It's in two parts-- and THIS is the second.


Barbara Rogers said...

I love Birdie's stories. It took me a while to understand your voice...then I could tell just what she was saying. I think my computer's speaker is pretty low, and you sure do talk fast. Just my opinion. It was fine by the time you finished...and I really enjoyed it.Thanks so much for delving into a new format.

Vicki Lane said...

Oh, that's a good reminder, Barb--I'll slow it down next time.

Anvilcloud said...

That was fun and well done. I once tried to read some of my blogs for a friend who had lost most of her sight. It was hard, and I gave up, but you did much better. Is that your accent, or are you just being an authentic Miss Birdie?

Vicki Lane said...

That's me trying to talk like Miss Birdie. My own accent is a little less pronounced.Though it varies with circumstances. My childhood friends tell me I sound like a hillbilly. I've always had a Southern accent but it's overlaid now with an Appalachian mountain twang.