Monday, May 17, 2021

And Lo, It Came to Pass


Three years ago I blogged (see post HERE) about planting Siberian Iris alongside some stone steps  and envisioning a future spring when they would provide a cascade of purple--a waterfall of bloom beside the Stairs of Doom (as these perilous stone steps are called.

And now here it is!

Gardeners' visions can seem so real--a bed of tiny seedlings amid lots of mulch is already a glorious herbaceous border in the gardener's eye. And maybe it will be. Or not. The ghosts of failed visions are everywhere in my landscape--the roses that required constant spraying, the delphiniums that wasted away in the heat, the beautiful border of hardy pink roses that became inundated with poison ivy, the deep red Nova Zembla rhododendrons that the deer destroyed, . . . oh, I could keep on at length, summoning up these leafy spirits but it's too depressing.

My evolved landscape and gardening is Darwinian--the survival of the fittest. And Siberian iris are survivors. As are daffodils. Tulips and hyacinths and many other bulbs simply don't make it past two (if I'm lucky) seasons. Daylilies and iris do well for me.

Of course there is always change. After forty-some years, places that once were sunny, are shaded. Beds that had room for annuals are crowded with shrubs. The gardener can no longer kneel to weed or even bend over for too long. She does what she can . . .

But there is a waterfall of bloom by the Stairs of Doom!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Birthday Party!

It was a very small party but the highlight was some actual kids! A two and a half year old little girl was there and after initial shyness (her first visit,) she and Josie had a great time. 

I'm just posting the pictures without commentary as we have friends coming for dinner (such a social whirl!) and I need to go do cooking things. But I think you'll see what  fun we all had.


Saturday, May 15, 2021

Blast from the Past

This little "book" isn't as old as the geography I posted a few days ago--not by a hundred years. The geography was from 1846--this is from 1946--give or take a year.

It was made, I think, b a friend of my mother's--pictures cut from magazine like Look or Life or Saturday Evening Post, pasted on pinked fabric rectangles, and hand stitched into a simple book.

The pictures were chosen with care--my mother had an Irish setter name Boy and the woman in the picture above looks a great deal like my mother back then.

I remember still loving to look at these pictures even when I had actual story books. Probably because they were somehow personal to my life--my father came home from the war and then he had a job and came home from that. A baby brother came along and I helped push the baby carriage (and complained about the smell of the diaper pail.)

Lifesavers and Campbell's Soup were a big part of my childhood too. As were short dresses and patent leather shoes and very polite birthday parties for the young.

This bo0k has been sitting around my workroom because I thought I might make something similar for Josie. It never happened due to my inability to find relevant pictures in magazines and due to the ease of having a book printed with one's own photos. Josie has several of these and her memories will likely come from them. Plus every once in a while she likes to look at all my past Josie blogs. 

Hard to believe that today she is four. Sometimes she seems more like twelve...or twenty-seven--with a rare reversion to a Terrible Two.

It's been a joy watching her grow and learn. It's been amazing to be at once her grandmother and her playmate. Yesterday I was given a crown and a plume and was told I was queen and I needed to do something about the scary monster over there. So I scared it away while Josie, who was a princess who could sting things, zapped the pterodactyl (ceiling fan) that was hovering over us.

"It's fun playing pretend," she said, putting a straw hat on her rocking horse (once my rocking horse.) "Now Philly can be the Gardinal Farmer."

I have no idea what that means but I agree heartily. It's fun playing pretend. I, for one, have never stopped.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Josie Gets a Present from Her Fairy Godmother

I stayed home with Mama on Wednesday because there was no gas and she couldn't go to work. But we all went up to Meema and Grumpy's for Family Dinner Up. And there was a package for me from my Fairy Godmother. (She is the one who sent me Hamsie and lots of other great stuff.)

The package was for my birthday and that's not yet but I got to open it anyway. It was a Magic Carousel!!!

It lights up and plays music and goes around!

I love it! I think I am very lucky to have a Fairy Godmother.

Also, Grumpy made pizza. I liked it kind of but what I really wanted was to play with my carousel.

After my bath, I will take it home and it will play me a lullaby while I go to sleep. 

Thank you, Fairy Godmother!