Monday, September 21, 2020

Disappointed! But Here's a Reading on YouTube



After posting about how well the Zooming was going, I had to bow out of the virtual reading at Malaprop's yesterday because my internet connection went all weird. And I saw some of my blog/Facebook friends were there. Drat and I'm so sorry.

So I recorded my reading on YouTube and HERE it is. Not the best but I'll try again soon.

And many thanks to those friends who showed up!


Anvilcloud said...

When Heather was travelling, she had to be a guest on a virtual book club meeting. Internet failed wherever she was, and she had to go searching for a hot spot. She found one in a restaurant/pub, and they were happy to let her set up there. I believe this was in Nova Scotia.

Vicki Lane said...

As my husband said, Computers are great... until they're not.

Barbara Rogers said...

So sorry to hear that...and I'll definitely listen to your YouTube reading! (Drinking coffee probably) Maybe I can see the City Lights reading...when is it? I'll email them that I want to see it. (I'm a customer there too!) Isn't this weather fun? For me it means so much more energy. Happy Mabon (almost)