Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Bookplates! Suitable for Personalizing!

Look what's here! A box of bookplates for And the Crows Took Their Eyes, ready to personalize. Many of you who pre-ordered (for which, my fervent thanks) asked about getting your books signed. I'll be pre-signing books for Malaprop's in Asheville and City Lights in Sylva, but for those of you ordering elsewhere, here's the deal:

Send me a SASE, along with instructions as to how you'd like the bookplate personalized, and I'll get it back to you so you can slap it in as soon as you receive the book.

My address is 590 Wool Branch Road, Marshall, NC 28753.  

Note: When I looked at the first bookplate, my heart sank. There didn't seem to be a peel off backing. I fiddled with the edges to no avail, wondering if glue was going to be required. Then I folded down the top and, eureka, a line appeared and the peel off was enabled. Whew!

And if you haven't had a look at my revamped website, check it out HERE


Anvilcloud said...

It is easier than signing books. I know another author who had a pile delivered to him, personally, that he signed and then shipped.

Barbara Rogers said...

Excellent method of personalizing your signature! I have several of your books which were signed by least your signature is in them. Now I wonder... No, I'm not going to go look, I'll just be satisfied to know the author's signature is there!