Sunday, April 30, 2023

White Iris

She's back! I look forward to this white iris every year. 

While I'm generally a the-more-color-the-better sort of person, this pure blaze of white in the sun always captivates me.


Friday, April 28, 2023

Four Seasons Backdrop

The backdrop for the upstairs Castle People is installed! 

It was a fun little project, trying to segue from one season to another in five different panels and to incorporate some whimsy, like the dragon and the magical bird..

I totally redid the center panel with the portal to another somewhere. A gnome snuck in.

Spring and white rabbits, a few Easter eggs, and a shy unicorn.

Summer and a Fool and a frog, both of whom could be princes. And, at Josie's request, an alicorn (winged unicorn.)

She lost no time in populating the new scene, carefully letting the figures choose which season they wanted to be in.

Next project, a new backdrop for the lower shelf. Another castle but this time Josie wants a tower with Rapunzel 'and really long hair' in it.


Wednesday, April 26, 2023

An Intricate Beauty

It caught my eye, the shed skin waving in the breeze.

We've has a resident blacksnake (possibly several) for years and they are most welcome as they are known to eat copperheads. He/she/they often shed their skins in or near the greenhouse. This one facilitated its skin shed by working its way under the eaves of the greenhouse--where it may be now. The current chilly weather likely has it curled up somewhere warm.

I love seeing the individual scales--if the head portion were visible, the eye scales would likely be intact. But if I tried to pull it down, it would just tear. So, I'll leave it to flutter in the breeze. Long may it wave. Copperheads, beware!


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Spring Cleaning

So Tucker Carlson is out at Fox. The news gives me great pleasure, I've got a knee-jerk negative reaction to the sight of Carlson's smug, lying face. 

And the folks down the road no longer fly the American flag and the Confederate, side by side. Their F___ Biden banner is gone too. It's pleasant not to see this hatefulness. Maybe it's a kind of Spring cleaning.

Of course, as even with the deepest of cleans, the dirt will creep back. Carlson will find another platform; someone possibly even worse will replace him; and the folks down the road may come up with new and more offensive flags and banners.

But, for now, I'm enjoying the new look.


Monday, April 24, 2023

Josie and Fashion (and Some Other Stuff)

I spent Sunday afternoon with Meema because Mama had to go to work and Daddy and Grumpy were busy giving the cows worm medicine. I brought up my big doll Candy and all her clothes and shoes and hats so I could do a fashion show for Meema. 

Meema said she isn't very interested in fashion, and I said Well, I know, because you wear the same thing every day--baggy jeans and a tee shirt and a hoodie. Which is true. Then she asked me what I liked in fashion, and I said dresses and sequins and sparkly things. Meema never wears any of those.

Candy is fashionable in flowered bell-bottoms and a stretchy crop top.

I helped Meema make banana bread. It is the same recipe she used to help her grandmother make a long time ago. The little wire cooling racks are the same ones that used to belong to her grandmother who is my great great grandmother Ruby. The banana bread was very good, and I took some home for my mama and daddy.

I also did an experiment. I got the box of dog treats and put it under the stairs and made a wall in front of it. Then I wrote TREAT on a piece of paper and put it by the wall and then I called Bailey inside.

The experiment was to see if dogs can read, and I made a video of it on Meema's phone. I told Meema she could put it on her blog but she looked at it and said it was pretty jumpy and might make people seasick.

Anyway, Bailey finally came in, but she didn't read the sign. Maybe someday I will teach her.


Friday, April 21, 2023

Now That I Am Almost Six

There was no school on Wednesday or Thursday because next year's kindergarteners were coming to the school to check it out and the teachers would be busy talking to them.  So Meema and I went to the library and there were some nice girls who wanted to play. One was six (like I am almost) and one was younger. We had fun playing with the castle and the puppets.

Then we played outside. When I was very young, I was afraid of the big slide. But not anymore because I am almost six, and soon I will graduate from kindergarten. 

I have learned a lot about reading and writing and math. I know 200+200=400 because it follows a pattern, like 2+2=4. I amazed Meema when I could read the text messages she and Mama were sending. I can read whole books if they are easy. And I can read lots of words like MADISON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY.

I also amazed Meema when I told her I would do the dishes. I have to stand on a chair but I can do it all.

And I have my first loose tooth. It is one of the bottom ones and it is very wobbly and you can see the new one behind it.

Also, now I walk home ALL BY MYSELF! It is one quarter of a mile from Meema and Grumpy's to my house and I go down the road very fast.  Mama is there waiting for me.


Thursday, April 20, 2023

The New Guy Gets Some Tips

Listen, Bailey, you're only a dog but you're new here and I like your looks. Could be we're distant cousins or something. Nah, just kidding. But I do have a soft spot for guys or gals in formalwear. 

So let me fill you in on a few important things. First of all, Angeline and I are the bosses here. That Man and The Woman may seem important to you because they prepare the food and clean up the messes, but you have to realize they're just the staff. They mean well and they certainly serve an important function but never forget who's in charge.

Yes, that would be me. And Angeline, who is something of a silent partner (and not as friendly as I am. Do not mess with Angeline.)

You at least know enough not to bark at us or try that silly pouncing thing Jenny used to do till we set her straight. If you could stop barking at the television, that would be good. 

Yeah, there's a lot to learn about living in a mixed household like this. Just follow my lead to the best of your limited abilities and you'll do fine.

I'll be watching.