Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Rapid River Article!

Yay! The first fruit of my efforts toward publicity is here! A two-page spread in Rapid River, a local publication featuring the art and culture of the Asheville area. 

It's a nice, glossy mag, available free in the area--at art galleries, bookstores, and other places, but it's also online. 

You can read the article I wrote HERE.

It's worth scrolling through the whole magazine to see some gorgeous art and to get a feel for the arts scene in Asheville.

With thanks to Dennis Ray (the editor) for printing this piece on such short notice.


Barbara Rogers said...

Excellent article....and of course a good spur to get folks to buy your latest book. Thanks for sharing!

katy gilmore said...

Well done Vicki! - What an artful place you live in - and what contributions you make!