Wednesday, September 16, 2020

In Louise's Garden

Yesterday we drove out to Shelton Laurel for a socially distanced outdoor lunch with Drew and Louise. Louise told me to be sure to bring my camera to document her squash.

No worries--it's always a delight to wander through Louise's Giverny-like garden.

Flowers and vegetables sprawl everywhere in rampant profusion. And speaking of rampant . . . 

There's the squash--an Italian variety called (I think) Berrettina Piacetina. Planted in a compost pile inside an unused dog pen, it went crazy (pazzo.)

It covered the compost pile, climbed the chain-link fence, and is now meandering across the roof of the dog pen.

Bearing more and more squashes to loll in the sun on the roof.

Look at the size of that stem.

I'll be asking for some seed from this baby.



Anvilcloud said...

That is a heckuva impressive squash.

jennyfreckles said...

Beautiful garden. Squashes seem to be intent on taking over the world, given half a chance.

Barbara Rogers said...

How fun to visit another garden and delight in its gorgeous squash and zinnias.