Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Josie Plays with Everything

When we had Family Dinner Up on Saturday, I wanted to see about ALL my stuff because it had been a Very Long Time since I'd been here but then I had to have a bath. Meema said I could play with EVERYTHING when I came up Monday so that's what I did. 

There was a new elf from Aunt Fay with a horse. I let everyone change horses and talk to each other. Then I told them it was time to go to the beach!  

I packed them all into this basket, along with other stuff from my cabinet. You have to take everything when you go to the beach. We are going for a year and a minuute.

 But the beach was closed because it was Sunday. 

We read some library books instead. My favorite one is called Creepy Carrots.

Of course I had to go to The Room. My babies need me.

It was a Girls Only Day and we all wore pink. I read to Dolly and Baby and made them stop sucking their thumbs.

I took a little rest . . .

And did some bouncing . . .

And played with my finger puppets. . .

Then it was time for a Girls Only tea party.

I finished my tea and we went back to the Living Room. I still haven't opened the Big Closet or my other cabinet. Or gotten out my Legos or my dress up box. 

First I had to watch the birds. There were so many goldfinches! I had just gotten into the Big Closet and made some towers with the giant blocks (I am also a Knocker Downer) when Mama texted to say they were home and would come get me.  So we put away the blocks. 

What do you think Meema and I did while we were waiting for Daddy?

We had a big pillow fight!

I am a fierce pillow thrower.

When I come back Wednesday, I will see about the rest of my stuff.


Barbara Rogers said...

Oh what a delight she is! And I thank you, Vicki, each time you share her world when she visits you. I know you've been teaching her a lot, as well as following her lead. Keep on being voices for all her characters, and drinking the tea.

Sandra Parshall said...

It's great that she has more than one home for all her toys and doesn't insist on carrying everything from place to place. That would be quite an undertaking!