Sunday, February 28, 2016


I learned a new word recently -- alpenglow, thanks to Victoria, my California blogfriend's post HERE.

Alpenglow is the light on mountain peaks just before sunrise or after sunset.

We get lots of the sunset variety  -- even better when there's snow on the Blue Ridge.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Weather or Not

Wednesday afternoon between the rains . . .  on the Barnard Road. For some reason this shot makes me think of something from a Coen brothers film . . . or maybe Andrew Wyeth or Edward Hopper . . .

Wednesday twilight, waiting for my class at The Asheville School . . . the sky is a layered parfait . . .

And Thursday there was snow . . . not a lot but enough to remind us that Spring is a ways off yet, drat it!

Bob likes snow . . . and was in no hurry to come inside.

In the last light, the weather seemed to be clearing . . .
who knows what Friday will bring?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Second Childhood?

I recently turned 73 and one of the items on my wish list was a coloring book and gel pens. Adult Coloring Book sounds like porn but really it's not -- just a collection of fiendish mandalas and paisleys and other Indian inspired patterns.

It's an amazingly soothing and meditative activity. Once you decide what color to use, your mind wanders while you try to stay within the lines. It could be addictive . . .

Various museums have coloring pages taken from items in their collections available to download. The Smithsonian is a starting place HERE and a Google search for museum coloring pages will turn up more.

A pleasant way to relive a bit of childhood!