Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Me, Josie, Again!

My babies were running wild yesterday. This one wanted to stand on his head and I said No! It's dangerous!

I got him settled down and then Dolly started acting up. 

So I put her to bed in my fort. She was a little cranky.

But I read to her and soon she was fast asleep

After lunch I was NOT ready for a nap so Meema and I took a little walk down to the garden.

It is like a big jungle and there are no more tomatoes or beans or corn or anything but WEEDS! I told Meema she must clean up her big MESS! Just like she tells me all the time.

Meema said we could pull up some weeds and start tidying up but I said No thanks, it is time for our nap.


Monday, October 19, 2020

Going to Water

Going to water, for the Cherokee, was a ritual to cleanse themselves of past troubles. For me, it's a calming device.

I need it right now because my laptop is acting up--not charging and now and then seemingly afflicted with molasses in its innards.

All of which is to say, if I don't post here or show up on FB--that's why. 

Seeking a solution . . .


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Virtual Vicki and Her Virtual Launch

Well, that went better than I'd expected. Once we got past the technical difficulties (lack of bandwidth that forced me to use my only semi-smart phone for audio,) I was able to talk about and read from the book at length.  

It was so heartwarming to see faces and names of friends who'd joined in to listen. (Thanks to my dear sister-in-law Fay for the above screen shot.) Some were names I know only from my blog or Facebook or from long ago and each lifted my spirits immeasurably.

Malaprop's tells me that the session was recorded and will be available for viewing on YouTube--eventually. I'll let you know.

I try not to be stressed about stuff-- in person events have never bothered me. But the fact that I've had trouble with Zoom connections recently has kept me in a state of worry--I dreamed the other night that it was time for the event and I' d lost my book and the printout of what I planned to say.

As soon as the hour was up, John opened a bottle of bubbly and we lifted a glass--to Malaprop's, to the book, to Regal House Publishing, and to all of you who've been supportive.

Cheers! And heartfelt thanks!


Friday, October 16, 2020

At Last . . .

This novel has been such a long time coming. Elephants give birth sooner. I began researching back in 2012; the writing came later once I felt I had a competent grasp of the subject matter. And the writing took its time, as one by one the characters loosened up and began to speak to me. 

It was finished in the fall of 2016 and then wandered in the wilderness in search of a publisher for quite a while. But now this baby is out in the world-- in a country almost as divided as it was during the Civil War when the book takes place, making it sadly relevant.

My thanks especially to all of you who've followed along on this winding journey. Your encouragement has kept me going.

Tonight at 6, the Fates and the Internet allowing, I'll be doing a virtual launch under the auspices of Malaprop's Bookstore. HERE's a link to sign up.  I'd love to see you there!


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Jackie O. Lantern

Look what Grumpy made! (I helped some.) It is a Jack o'Lantern but it is a girl and her name is Jackie.

He used a very sharp knife to cut the top open. I had to stay safely away.

When the top was off, Meema and I got the seeds out.

It was kind of yucky and slippery,

Then Grumpy cut triangles for the eyes.

And a happy mouth!

She is all filled with sunshine right now but I have little candles to put inside for night time.

I love Jackie because she is friendly!



Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Goodbye, Ali Ali

A much-loved member of the family is gone. Justin's dog Ali Ali, after a long and silly life, is just a memory now.

He was a dog of many names: Ali Ali Royale with Cheese, Ali UpOnStuff, Trouble Monkey from the Planet Bonkers, Uncle Monkey . . .

Adopted as a mange-infested stray, he knew at once that he'd found his people and his place. Or places. He was at home everywhere. 

A good dog. A long life. A quick and merciful ending. 


Monday, October 12, 2020

Crows Giveaway and Some Reminders

It's getting close! Friday is the launch date for And the Crows Took Their Eyes. At six I will be doing a Zoom virtual event sponsored by Malaprop's Books. See this link if you'd like to join in. I'll be going to Malaprop's on Thursday to sign books to be available for orders.

If you'd like to order a book, this previous post has links. Or you can search using my name ant the book title--it's available at a number of places, even Target!

And the giveaway. I have a print from the artist of the woodcut that's on the cover to give away on Thanksgiving. Anyone who leaves a review for the book on any of the usual places like Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or on a blog or on Twitter will be entered. Multiple reviews will get multiple entries. Just send a link to your review to vicki3lane@gmail.com and I'll put your name in the hat. 

The Thanksgiving deadline is to give folks time to read the book. I hope you will. And I hope you'll like it. Positive reviews are all important to the future sales of the book. And a review doesn't have to be a book report--just a few sentences will do it. (Yes, I'm begging here.)

And a reminder--if you would like an autographed bookplate for your copy of Crows, send me a self-addressed stamped envelope. My address is 590 Wool Branch Road, Marshall, NC 28753.  If you want it personalized, tell me what name.

(Yes, this won't work if you're not in the  US--but if you really want a bookplate, I'll send you one--you can email me at the address above. )

What does it say about these times that I'm far more excited about the coming election than this long-awaited book launch?

Priorities, that's what. 


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Josie Helps Make Stromboli for the Work Crew

I helped Meema make stromboli for the boys working on the shop down at my place.

I rolled the dough into a big rectangle and Meema put pesto and ham and dried tomatoes and cheese all over it.

Then she rolled it up and baked it.

When the stromboli were done, Grumpy came and got them and took them to the work site. 

Meema ate some for lunch but I said No thank you and had yoghurt.

The boys worked very hard and very late. I think it was my stromboli that gave them so much energy.  And look what they did!

Note from Meema: Wow! 

There will now be a bit of a break while everyone recovers and resumes other (paying) jobs but we have decided on a green metal roof.