Tuesday, May 21, 2024

In the Reading Room

As on most Mondays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Fridays, I'm waiting to pick up Josie. Dismissal time is 2:45, but the line begins to form early--around 1. I'm usually one of the early birds--today I'm third in line.

It's a pleasant day, a little warm but there's a breeze. And I have mandarins and reading material. It's a fine way to spend an hour or so. I'll miss this little ritual when school is over--Friday is the last day.

Time to move up to pick up positions. The kids get called out individually--a staff member notes the positions of the cars (she's gotten quite good at recognizing which vehicle is for which kid) and when the first group of five is assembled, out they come to their cars. Each position has a staff member there to open the door/ hold an umbrella if needed/ and probably to verify that kids aren't being picked up by bad guys.

The system seemed awfully unwieldy to me, back when Josie started kindergarten. But I've come to appreciate how smoothly it flows.

Come mid-August when school resumes, it'll be hot, and I'll bring along a cooler with ice and a wet towel or two for keeping comfortable. 

Happy to be useful!


Sunday, May 19, 2024

At the Party

Unicorns! Rainbows! Balloons! Stars! Stuff!

Goody bags in wait.

The look on their faces made me so happy!

Opening presents!

And there was a pinata!

The lone boy knew better than to mix it up with these girls. 

But everyone got some of the treats and it was an excellent party! 


Saturday, May 18, 2024

Serenity Outside; Semi-Controlled Chaos Inside

Herself asked for a rainbow layer cake for her party

So, I hastened to oblige.

I do love playing with colors.

Six skinny layers and a whole wallop of chocolate icing. The ratio of chocolate to cake is at least 2 to 1--which is the way she likes it.

The cake will rest in the refrigerator overnight. I have a whole array of tchotchkes (unicorns, stars, rainbow, clouds) to decorate the top after it makes the trip down to Josie's house tomorrow. There will be pictures.

Right now I'm relaxing with an adult beverage while I wait for the strength to tackle the mess in the kitchen and cook dinner.

UPDATE: John came in from working in the yard and did all the dishes! How lucky I am!


Friday, May 17, 2024

A Grandmotherly Brag

 On Wednesday, her birthday, I picked up Josie as usual. We made a stop at her house so she could grab her new Super Ladybug outfit.

At our house, there was a pile of presents from Meema and Grumpy. The first one was a Make-Your-Own Puppet kit. And there were some Garden Fairy figurines. So far, so good.

Then there were books--5 or 6 of them, individually wrapped.

Oh no, she already had this one! And this one. And this one. . .

And so it went. Due to miscommunication, Claui and I had both ordered from the same list. All the books were duplicates, every one of them. 

But here's the brag. She was not upset or disappointed and did her very best to tell me that it was okay. I was completely impressed and as John said later, it was almost worth the mix-up to see how well she handled it. 

Then she attacked the puppet-making kit, and I had another surprise. She asked for scissors to cut into the cellophane packets the various pieces were in and, lo and behold, she was holding her scissors properly, instead of dagger-like and upside down. 

As god is my witness, I have tried off and on since she was four to get her to hold scissors in the normal way and she has stubbornly resisted my suggestions.

Is this right? she asked, with a smug little smile.

Yes, it is, I said. When did you start holding scissors that way?

My daddy showed me, she said, and proceeded to assemble the puppets.


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Today I Am Seven!

But I got to open some presents early. Sandy who is my fairy godmother sent me a whole box of stuff and Monday after school, Meema let me open it.

I think Sandy knows I like pink.

There were some folding things, like a kaleidoscope, with bight colors. I also love bright colors.

What's this?

It is a beautiful giraffe made by some ladies in Africa. He will be a nice friend for Blue Elephant.

OMG! This is a book I have been wanting! It is how to catch things like unicorns and dragons and yetis. I LOVE this book and I can read it.

And a book about octopuses.

 I will have to read it to Octalia.

And a book about our planet Earth. I like learning about planets.

Today Meema will pick me up from school and when we get home, there are more presents waiting.  And on Saturday I will have a birthday party.

Birthdays are AMAZING!