Friday, December 26, 2008

This Is Where I Came In . . .

Where does the time go? My first post on this blog was December 26, 2007 -- a year ago. In the ensuing 366 days (it was a Leap Year,) I posted 361 times, on a variety of topics, from Life, Death, Writing, and the Garden to food and pets and ironing linen hand towels. There've been pictures of flowers, families, and the farm, the county, an occasional field trip, and probably more sunrises and skyscapes than anyone could possibly tell apart. (Like today -- I couldn't choose a favorite, so I posted all three.)

It's been fun -- even back in the beginning when I had no idea if anyone was reading the blog or not, I enjoyed gathering my thoughts each day to focus on some aspect of my life. And I got hooked on carrying my camera with me most of the time so as to attempt to capture anything at all that caught my eye.

But one of the nicest things has been 'meeting' you all here -- Pat, the other Pat, Tammy, Susan. the other Susan, Phyllis, Marta, Liz, Kay, Karen, Nancy (both of them), Carol, Cynthia, Esta. . . And there's Byron, Amelia, Fay, Pepper, Lynne, and Sheila. . . You all have been great -- applauding when I have good news and sympathizing and supporting when the news is crummy.

And to all those who don't comment but are readers -- Barbara, Wayne, Vic, Ann, Kaye, Bob, Chick, Jean, Nora, Sophie, Connie , and all the rest -- I like knowing you're out there!

As an anniversary/holiday celebration, I'll do another drawing -- leave a comment before January 6, and I'll put your name in the basket to draw for a copy of the Miss Birdie book (no, I'm not sure when it will be out and if you'd rather have a copy of one of the other books, I'll be happy to oblige.)

This time, I'll only put each person's name in once -- though you're welcome to comment all you like! And be sure to identify yourself beyond just a first name -- Jeremiah in Jamaica Plains, for example, will make sure I don't confuse you with Jeremiah in Jersey.
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Susan M. Bell said...

A drawing for a free book? I am so there.

Reading your blog is one of the things that made me finally get mine up and running on a decently regular basis. Now I have 3 of them and am contemplating a fourth. Guess I have more to say than I thought. ;-)

Tammy said...

Time passes so quickly! I've enjoyed your blog immensely over this past year, and am very glad you decided to keep 'an almost daily' accounting. Your pictures, words and bits of life shared are always looked forward to. Heres to many more! (and as Susan said, I'm so there too for the Biride book! ;-)
Tammy (Sheep lady from Missouri)

estaminet said...

A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours, and happy Boxing Day! I'm watching the light change over the mountains now, from my parents' place. It's been a wonderful holiday.

Please put my name in the hat!

Esta from Arlington MA (as opposed to all the other Estas)

Unknown said...

Vicki - Can't pass up an opportunity for a free book! Thanks for your blog - it connects me to the county and the land when I can't be there. Looking forward to your Birdie book. -Liz

Anonymous said...

Since I never win things, I have no expectation of winning your Miss Birdie book, no matter how eager I am to read it. But I do want to comment on how much I enjoy your blog. The photos, the animals (especially the chickens...don't know why.), the history. It is always interesting, always a treat. Thank you for sharing yourself.

debra in bakersfield

Vicki Lane said...

Names added! So glad you all are enjoying the blog and, Debra, I'll get some more chicken pictures soon.

Pat in east TN said...

Woo hoo, another book drawing! I'm excited and my fingers are crossed!!

I'm a little late at reading this post due to the holidays and all, but wanted to add how much I enjoy your blog Vicki. Your everyday accounts of this/that are always interesting/entertaining/informative, and even though there is a mountain between us, yes, I feel like a neighbor. Your pictures are always so neat and have inspired me to carry my camera with me now and I've come up with some pretty interesting/unique shots.

By the way, how is Miss Birdie coming along?

Nancy M. said...

Vicki, your blog always makes my day - and I also can't believe that it's been a year. I'm so looking forward to the Miss Birdie book - and a very Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!

Vicki Lane said...

Re Miss Birdie's book -- I'm on the home stretch but had to slow down to honor the holiday family celebrations. After Ethan's recent close call, I have paid more attention to priorities . . . but I'm back in Birdie's world,trying to achieve a resolution. Soon, grasshapper, soon . ..