Friday, December 19, 2008

Deck the Halls

. . . not with boughs of holly, but with branches trimmed from the Christmas tree and evergreens from the yard. On the porch, pots that in the summer held angel wing begonias and scented geraniums , now brim with green and gold juniper and false cypress as well as some trimmings from the bay trees in the green house and a few thorny barberry stems twinkling with tiny red berries.

I tie the larger branches into big swags and hide the utilitarian sea grass string with red ribbons, re-used year after year. One swag for the door and five to march up the stairs. (The cats are particularly fond of the stair decor and love to lurk half-hidden in the greenery.)

I couldn't resist adding in this picture of William. Justin and his two dogs were on the sofa watching Carolina basketball and I was stretched out on the love seat, working at my laptop. William is letting me know that his usual sleeping places have been usurped.

Oh, those expressive Chihuahua ears . . .

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Pat in east TN said...

Ooooh your greenery is so pretty and William's look is just too precious!

Tammy said...

Poor little mistreated dog. ;-) Too funny. My Mom had a Chi. mix who died a few years ago at 18. Her name was Tootsie and she looked very much like William only taller...that expressive face and ears, and same color. Your greenery looks very festive.

Vicki Lane said...

If you think William looks mistreated, you should have seen all of the dogs when we made them stay outside ALL DAY LONG while the floors got waxed and mopped and the sofas got cleaned(the temps were very mild -- shirtsleeve weather -- but the beasts were mightily indignant.)

Susan M. Bell said...

Beagles seem to be like that as well. The one I'm pet sitting right now is so funny. I turned around last night and she was up in a chair she knew she wasn't supposed to be in. The expression on her face was just so precious. I was laughing while I fussed at her, which doesn't help get the point across.

I love small dogs.