Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daphne aka Fleta

My book Art's Blood dips into the art scene of Asheville, inspired by the years I spent in weekly studio classes with Fleta Monaghan, the real life Daphne. Though writing has gotten in the way of painting and I no longer take classes, Fleta and I stay in touch.

Recently Fleta emailed me to say that she'd been in Books a Million and, hearing the lady ahead of her ask for the location of the Vicki Lane books, Fleta spoke up, announcing that she was sort of a character in Art's Blood - to which the lady said,"Nice to meet you, Daphne."

So I thought I'd introduce all of you to the real-life Daphne. Fleta sent me some pictures of herself, her studio and her classes, as well as a little information. The studio, River's Edge Studio, is located in Riverview Station -- previously known as The Candle Station, and the scene for all kinds of creepy goings-on -- in Art's Blood, that is. And this building, with its collection of studios and other enterprises, is one of many in Asheville's River Arts District , also described in the book.

Fleta says:
I'm going into the fourth year at River's Edge Studio after moving from teaching at AB Tech, and I really can't believe that three years have passed so quickly. You know it is Kind Of Weird that in Art's Blood, both AB Tech and Riverview Station are featured locations, and I moved from teaching at one to the other!

I am happy to report that while "The Candle Station" retains some of its timeworn charm as described in Art's Blood and the artists here are an eccentric lot who long for fame, fortune and personal attention, we work happily here, safe and sound!

In the classroom I teach painting classes for beginners and up in oils and acrylics, and have weekly studio/critique five hour sessions for advanced artists who are continuing to study, some of whom are now exhibiting and selling their work. This year some great professional artists are teaching classes and giving demonstrations here at RES in drawing, watercolor, palette knife techniques and Japanese ink painting called Sumi-e.

It is a privilege to teach the adults who study here, and we(me and the other guest teachers) all work to provide some scheduling that works for everyone, while giving that all important continuity that every artist needs to really advance in their chosen medium.

The classroom also serves as a small gallery for special events such as the twice a year Studio Stroll and other exhibits here at Riverview Station. We love to see visitors during our events, or by appointment, and are always hoping to make a sale! There are over thirty artists here in the building now, and also other business such as the dog trainers so we don't have too much empty space here now.

If you're in the Asheville area, the River Arts District is well worth a visit. And if you're looking for an art class, Fleta is an amazing teacher, gifted at bringing out the best in every student. She's a pretty amazing artist too!
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Anonymous said...

The River Arts District sounds impressive, as do Fleta's classes.
Are there ceramics classes as well? A friend of mine moved to Charlotte from Massachusetts a few years ago (I wonder why 8-) ) and Asheville was one of the places they considered. She has done a lot of ceramics.

Gail in Illinois (and yes, I would like to be in the drawing for your book)

Vicki Lane said...

Hi, Gail,

I'm almost positive there are ceramics classes on offer on the River Arts District -- I know there are all sorts of potters.

I've added your name for the drawing!