Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Friend in Africa

You may have noticed that I recently added new blogs to my list (over there somewhere to your right.) Millet Love is written by a friend of mine, a young woman who is a med student at Duke and is, at present, living and doing public health work in Mali. Nora's reflections on life in this part of Africa are fascinating. She has a lovely way with words and the pictures that accompany her blog give me a new insight into a place I've never been.


Before this, Nora did work at a clinic for obstetric fistula in Niger. Again, wonderful pictures and stories of strong, strong women.

And go here for the beautifully told story of Amina's baby -- a reminder of what life -- and birth and death -- is like for many of our sisters in the Third World.

I'm proud to call Nora my friend -- when so many physicians seem to be in the profession only for the money, she's a young woman who is making a difference.

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