Monday, December 15, 2008

Decorating the Tree

Once again we gather to string cranberries and popcorn and decorate the tree. It's a fairly tedious but persistent tradition with us and we're lucky that we have friends who join us to make the work go faster.

There's a football or soccer game on the TV for the sports fans to enjoy, plenty of dogs to eat the fallen pieces of popcorn, and a fire in the fireplace to keep things warm. This year John (who's notoriously not fond of the job of popcorn stringing) offered to make pizza for supper so we were tantalized, as we worked by the aroma of garlic sauteing in olive oil, chicken tenders grilling, and onions caramelizing.

Our friend Josie brought a whiskey cake to add to the feast. We ate, drank wine, and managed to get all the decorations on the tree --

And a good time was had by all.
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Anonymous said...

The tree is, as always, lovely! I had some ladies over last night, and they were looking at the ornaments on our tree, and the ones that were mentioned again and again were the little hearts and cabin squares that you all made (if I remember correctly) when you first moved to NC and whipped up decorations for the tree. I got to brag a little on my family telling them your story and also about how for our first Christmas, Drew and I didn't have many decorations at all and you shared those early decorations that you had made with us, which are still my favorites. It's good to have a crafty, generous and inspired family, if I do say so. :)

Vicki Lane said...

Last year Cory (the shaven-headed fella in the picture -- Justin's college room mate and a long time family friend) brought out a box of very fancy beaded ornaments his grandmother had made. He and Kasie don't put up a tree so he hangs his family ornaments on ours. I love this.

From the little wooden angel that I was given by the homeroom mothers in 8th grade to the lurid glass ornament with the three Wise Men that was part of a set my parents bought from John back in 1959 (his service club in high school was selling them), so many of the ornaments bring back memories and now you're storing up yours, Amelia!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is beautiful. I have to
confess that I most enjoyed looking at the dogs,especially the sweet one resting his head on the lady's lap while she is stringing popcorn. Precious!!!!!

Vicki Lane said...

That sweet one is Maggie, aka Miss Magnolia McGee McGoo McGurk aka The Empress of the Universe. She was in a particularly soulful and loving mood yesterday -- our friend Josie, who is dog free by choice, was the recipient of Maggie's attentions.

Anonymous said...

Animals always seem to sense when someone is not really drawn toward them and then try to win their affections. My sister is not an animal person,but when she visits us our cat and dog always seek her out and stay glued to her!!!!

I can tell that Miss Magnolia is
most certainly not abused!!

Pat in east TN said...

What a beautiful, and BIG, tree! It's a special time when friends/family come to help create something so beautiful and precious, and ooooh the memories that are created!