Tuesday, June 14, 2022

This Is What I Did

Daddy brought me up in the Kubota and Otter followed. Jenny was very happy to see her, and they ran off together to do stuff in the woods. 

Meema watered her plants to help them grow. I got wet to help me grow.

I helped by taking off the brown azalea flowers.

Later I used Meema's phone to take lots of pictures. These are just a few of them because I like to take pictures of EVERYTHING.



This is a hollyhock fairy that Meema showed me how to make. I put the eyes on.

And this is my Castle People having a Big Fuss because the King is paying too much attention to the Blue Lady and the Queen doesn't like it. I had to talk to them and put them in timeout.



Sandra Parshall said...

So good to visit with Josie again. What a lovely life she has, full of love and fun. If anybody can keep those castle people in line, she can!

Barbara Rogers said...

A wonderful summer day when it's hot enough to go under the hose! Memories of life in FL and TX.