Friday, June 17, 2022

Summer in the South

Josie took control of my phone yesterday and was snapping pictures everywhere. I deleted many after she left but this one above, I realized, epitomizes a rural southern summer--iced tea and a tick jar--if you have indoor/outdoor dogs. (The Jenny pictures are Josie's too.)

A tick jar filled with half dish detergent and half water (put the water in first) is an excellent way to dispose of these nasty little hitchhikers. Far less wasteful than flushing, not as germ-spreading as crushing, and once in, the ticks can't crawl out. They drown quickly. It's a simple solution to an on-going problem. If the jar becomes too yucky looking, flush the dead contents and begin again. 

Ahh, gracious Southern living.



Anvilcloud said...

Lyme disease is a danger here.

Marcia said...

In answer to your query about the white iris: no it didn't bloom this year. Lovely leaves though so hopefully for next year. I had some other transplants that didn't bloom either. I need to check on the planting depths. I know the rhizomes like to be visible.

Stay cool and tick free!

Vicki Lane said...

Lyme and Rocky Mtn tick fever are both dangers here. Which is why I check the digs for ticks all the time.

Sandra Parshall said...

Something called the lone star tick has taken hold here and is causing bad infections. The tick has a white spot on its back.