Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Josie is Back!

Guess where I have been! At the beach!!! There were big waves and I was brave. It was a really fun time and now I am back and going to camp. Camp is where my pre-school was and it is fun too.

Meema picked me up after camp yesterday and of course we had to go get an ice cream cone.

Do you see something different? I got a haircut. I like it because it is cooler and easy to brush.

Meema says it makes me look sassy. And also a lot like my mama.

After ice cream we went to the grocery store. But I was in a hurry to get to The Room and see what those babies were up too. While I was at the beach, Meema sent some pictures of the babies Running Wild. Margo took off her clothes and got outside and into a potted plant. Meema said I would have to have a talk with them.

And I did but first Meema had to get them down from where they were climbing on the curtain rod over the windows. Margo had taken her clothes off again and Did Not want her dress on. So I put her in her overalls.

Maybe next time I will take them with me to the beach where I can keep an eye on them.  




Sandra Parshall said...

Love the haircut! Her dolls certainly lead an active life when she's not there.

JJM said...

Short hair looks so much better on Josie, I think. And sassier.

As for her "babies" running wild -- why, tsk, tsk, Vicki. Josie left them in your care, after all. You weren't doing a very good job supervising them, were you? 😄