Sunday, June 5, 2022

Report from Corycat

The Woman seems to have decided it was time for my closeup.


This, by the way, is The Face I use when The Nuisance they call Jenny tries to bounce at me. It works. Today I was on the porch trying to come in as she was going out and she backed down and then made a wide detour around me. Ha! One just has to be firm. 


Life is pretty good these days. There is a screen door in our part of the house with a loose place at the bottom which means I have a private entrance/exit. Sometimes Angeline will brave up and go out but not often. The only real problem is that sometimes The Woman allows our food bowl to get half empty. Half empty! The bare bottom showing on one side! That's when I give her The Face. What a travesty! The Face says.

Angeline doesn't do The Face but boy, does she come running when I shame The Woman and the kibble rattles into the bowl. Angeline has a hidey place in the box springs under The Woman's bed. She's what you might call an introvert. 

I, on the other hand, have this nifty bed That Man made with a mattress and quilt The Woman made.  At last, they seem to understand what is due to me. The bed is quite excellent but when The Child is here, she will appropriate it for her dolls. 

I graciously humor her and don't even do The Face. She is even more bouncy than The Nuisance.



Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

That certainly is a cat with attitude! It's amazing how much pets can convey with just their expression and posture.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh are so silly...making that face, when I am pretty sure you are really a sweetheart underneath. Such an adorable royal figure with so many abilities! Did you know a queen very far away is having a big party these days? I'm sure she is nothing compared to you!

Anvilcloud said...

You know both your place and their places. All subservient to thou, of course.

Marcia said...

So know we know the pecking order in your home.

Sandra Parshall said...

I knew that pretty new doll bed would end up with a cat in it! Perfect size for Corycat.

JJM said...

And yet I have had people swear to me that they prefer dogs to cats because dogs have facial expressions and cats absolutely do not. That dogs have a wider range of body language than cats. That dogs show affection, that they are warm while cats are cold.

Easy to tell who has never observed cats, let alone lived with one. Mind you, I do love dogs, but ... Well, there's just something about them, isn't there.

Love your cat posts, Vicki. :)

Priscilla Frizzle said...

More about the cats, please.I love the dogs, but the cats are more interesting to me.Of course Josie is the most enjoyable as I have great-granddaughters close to her age.

Vicki Lane said...

I will accede to popular demand and make a point of more cat posts.