Saturday, June 4, 2022

Josie the Decorator and Story Teller and Artist

We went upstairs to my office. It is also where Meema's ironing board and sewing stuff are. She gave me a basket of fabric because I am pregnant, and I want to make a quilt for my baby.  This piece of fabric has beautiful fish on it.

But first I decided to make a surprise for Meema. While she was ironing some stuff, I told her not to look and I decorated the Whole Room with the pieces of fabric. 

When it was done, Meema said it was beautiful. I think so too.

Then we went downstairs to check on Dolly and Margo. They are always up to something and sometimes I have to put them in Time Out. I brought down the fabric so they could see it.

Then I made up a story. Octalia was evil, and she was capturing Dolly who was a princess. (Octalia is really nice--this was pretend.)

Octalia had Princess Dolly all wrapped up, but Prince Margo rescued her. Thank you, said Princess Dolly. The End.

Later, I tried out the acrylic pens my fairy godmother sent me. They are fun to use, and the colors are really bright. They are really for painting on rocks, but I wanted to try them on paper first.

This is a princess. She has on a purple blouse and a long blue skirt and a very fancy tiara. And that is her pet mouse. Also there is a bird and the sun.

Meema says that princesses are overrated and little girls are even more special. But she really liked the tiara. Maybe I will get her one some day.



Barbara Rogers said...

Great to have fabrics (bright and colorful) to play with. I have a tub of the same...and sometimes also decorate things (usually just tables around the place.) Loved hearing about the princess, though I agree, they are a bit overrated!

Sandra Parshall said...

Love! So glad she's enjoying the acrylics.

Ufa88kh said...
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