Saturday, May 8, 2021

School's Out!

Thursday night was the last meeting (via Zoom) of my 15 week critique workshop. Eight stalwart women were there for the long haul, sharing their fine writing and their excellent suggestions. 

We had a wonderful array of talent and genres--YA sci-fi, Southern fiction, some really excellent short stories and fascinating memoirs, as well as novels in progress--all of which I hope someday to see in bookstores and, better yet, read in totality.

It's funny--though the class only met for two and a half hours once a week, and my editing rarely took more than half a day, with the end of the class, I got that last-day-of-school feeling that all students and teachers know.

And it's kinda exhilarating. I found myself attacking long-postponed projects (bringing order to my potting bench was one) along with pulling weeds and enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful, slightly chilly day.  Then a tad of fooling around with watercolors. 

School's out and the weekend stretches before me!  



Anvilcloud said...

Happy vacation. :)

Barbara Rogers said...

As if a weekend had special meaning in my life, or yours perhaps as well! I'm planning to go to the Tailgate Market this morning...though I'm lagging in umph so far. Have fun on a day off!

Vicki Lane said...

True--every night's a Saturday night and every day's a Sunday--except for the days I keep Josie. That's my other part-time job.

Marcia said...

Got your book in the mail today. I have a stack of books to read and this will join it. Looks very interesting.

MarthaV said...

Enjoy Vickie! It's summer time!