Thursday, May 20, 2021

Josie at the Library Again!

Hey! Guess what! The library playground is open and all the toys are back!

Now that I am four, this is how I go up the slide.

And down!

After story time, I saw some other kids in the playground.

We played some,

It was fun!

Then I went inside where there were some more kids. We played with the trains for a while.

I brushed Fluffy.

And drove the car... 

Then I did a puppet show for Meema.


Before I left, I put my name on the wall so people would know who was here--me, Josie!



Anvilcloud said...

So much to see and do and lots of smiles too.

Barbara Rogers said...

What joy to return to the library! Did she remember many of these things? After all, year out of her four has passed without visiting there.

Marcia said...

What a great trip to library for her. When we visited our son to be 4 year old grannddaughter in Buffalo last month, we walked to the library with her and helped pick out princess books. She knew exactly where they were. Not story time but then this was at 5 pm. She's at daycare most of the day.

Pennelainer said...

It was a pleasure to read of Josie’s adventures! Now I have a big smile on my face.