Monday, May 31, 2021

Britches Winter?

No, no snow. That's our Kousa Dogwood. Not even frost. But it was right chilly--in the fifties all day Sunday. We went around closing windows and I hauled out some warmer clothes, but we resisted building a fire or turning on the heat.  I did make soup for supper and John made bread which heated up the kitchen for a while.

We've already had Blackberry Winter--a cold snap when the blackberries were booming. This (very) late May cold snap is called Britches Winter because you have to get your long britches on. Or, in my case, a turtleneck, a hoodie, and a fleece vest.  

And toward evening, John built a fire. Ahhhh!



Anvilcloud said...

Cold here too -- close to frost. I must admit that when your title popped up in my Reader, for a brief instant I missed the r in the first word.

Barbara Rogers said...

I slept so good, back in warmth under covers instead of pulling them off and on. But summer is right around the corner! Lovely photos!

Thérèse said...

Chilly enough to be able to enjoy the comfort of a good soup.