Thursday, May 13, 2021

Josie Gets a Present from Her Fairy Godmother

I stayed home with Mama on Wednesday because there was no gas and she couldn't go to work. But we all went up to Meema and Grumpy's for Family Dinner Up. And there was a package for me from my Fairy Godmother. (She is the one who sent me Hamsie and lots of other great stuff.)

The package was for my birthday and that's not yet but I got to open it anyway. It was a Magic Carousel!!!

It lights up and plays music and goes around!

I love it! I think I am very lucky to have a Fairy Godmother.

Also, Grumpy made pizza. I liked it kind of but what I really wanted was to play with my carousel.

After my bath, I will take it home and it will play me a lullaby while I go to sleep. 

Thank you, Fairy Godmother!



Sandra Parshall said...

These photos have made my day! I'm so happy she likes it! i hope she has a wonderful birthday and we get to share in it. ❤️❤️

Barbara Rogers said...

Super to have a fairy godmother. I think I should like to have one too. A la Dorothy and the Wizzard. She (the good witch) was always my fav. witch. Lovely carrosel!

Marcia said...

She is a treasure. Like you I'm so happy to have granddaughters close by. Got to leave in a minute to pick up #2 from pre K. #3 lives in Buffalo and will be coming at the end of the month for a week! She'll be 4 in July. Is that Josie's age?

jennyfreckles said...

She looks really pleased with that. Lucky girl.

Sandra Parshall said...

I keep coming back to look at these pictures because they make me so happy. I am thrilled to bits that she loves the music box carousel and glad it got there in time, what with the P.O. in such a mess these days. Thanks so much for this post, Vicki. I adore this child! ❤️💐