Saturday, May 1, 2021

Black or Turkey? Vulture, That Is

Vultures are such majestic critters, patrolling the skies and riding the currents.  We have both the Black and the Turkey Vultures around here. It's easy to see the difference up close--the TV's head is featherless and red--like a turkey. 

But at this distance I can't see the red. Still, I think it's a Turkey Vulture rather than a Black --because of the shallow V of the wings, the 'fingers' at the wingtips, and the good- sized tail. What a beauty!

More about these birds HERE



Barbara Rogers said...

They do seem to make flying look effortless! Happy Beltane and May Day!

Marcia said...

Aren't there some vultures with white under their wings? I used to see lots of these in MD. They'd congregate on a tree or street light or on house tops. Usually 5 or 6 together sometimes with their wings open as they perched. Funny looking birds until they take flight. I'd love to float on the winds like that.