Saturday, October 17, 2020

Virtual Vicki and Her Virtual Launch

Well, that went better than I'd expected. Once we got past the technical difficulties (lack of bandwidth that forced me to use my only semi-smart phone for audio,) I was able to talk about and read from the book at length.  

It was so heartwarming to see faces and names of friends who'd joined in to listen. (Thanks to my dear sister-in-law Fay for the above screen shot.) Some were names I know only from my blog or Facebook or from long ago and each lifted my spirits immeasurably.

Malaprop's tells me that the session was recorded and will be available for viewing on YouTube--eventually. I'll let you know.

I try not to be stressed about stuff-- in person events have never bothered me. But the fact that I've had trouble with Zoom connections recently has kept me in a state of worry--I dreamed the other night that it was time for the event and I' d lost my book and the printout of what I planned to say.

As soon as the hour was up, John opened a bottle of bubbly and we lifted a glass--to Malaprop's, to the book, to Regal House Publishing, and to all of you who've been supportive.

Cheers! And heartfelt thanks!



Anvilcloud said...

Congratulations. I have never done Zoom and don't have a camera on my computer. I know that it can be done on other devices, but I don't seem to be inclined yet.

KarenB said...

To Anvilcloud - you can call (as in phone call) in to a Zoom call and just listen as one would on a phone if there is something, like Vicki's launch, that you would particularly like to hear. The visual is nice, but can be distracting sometimes.

Vicki - I realized about halfway through or so that I was still logged into Zoom as the pastor of my church. I've been using her login for my class on racism so it doesn't have to be curtailed due to time limitations for the free Zoom I'm using. So Amy Lincoln was me.

Vicki Lane said...

Aha! There were several names I didn't recognize, and my sister-in-law was logged in as my BIL. I knew that stuff happens with Zoom. And I didn't have time to scan the names and faces as well as I'd have liked. But it was wonderful to see some folks I hadn't expected. Thanks for being there, Amy!

jessica handler said...

Mazl tov! It's such a good book, and I will, as my grandmother used to say, "tell the world!"

Barbara Rogers said...

Yay Vicki! I had another zoom meeting last night...who would have thought so many zooms could be happening! And Malaprops told me my book is coming in 7 days or so. So sorry to miss the live reading...and I'll be sure to watch it on YouTube! Thanks for all your work to make The Crows come to my eyes (which won't get pecked out, thank you very much!)

jennyfreckles said...

Well done! I'm sure you're relieved that is over. I'm sure too that the book will be very successful. (Talking of crows and eyes, I read today of a man in the UK who had both eyes damaged by a magpie who wanted his sandwich! It lunged and pecked. Very nasty.)

Unknown said...

I had to miss the live session, but am looking forward to seeing it on You Tube! That new pic of you is just fabulous, you look so "authorly"! I think I might have just make that word up, but you'd know, wouldn't you? My best wishes for a resoundingly successful selling-season this Fall. Can't wait to actually read the book!