Saturday, October 3, 2020

It Felt Almost Normal

Yesterday I drove to Sylva to sign books at City Lights--a fine independent bookstore that has hosted events for each of my six previous books. It felt like old times.

Almost. There was no room full of readers waiting to hear me talk, no table with wine and nibbly bits, in fact, no event.

There was a very nice cat named Cedric and the lovely, heart-warming feel of being in a bookstore.

I signed books...and bought some too.

I always buy books when I visit an independent bookstore. Times have been rough for them since the advent of Amazon and the pandemic hasn't made things easier.

But many are hanging on, valued community assets that they are. City Lights is one such beacon. Shopping there, or at any indy, feels like a vote for preserving civilization.

Here's a link to City Lights (their shipping rates, by the way, are quite reasonable) and another link to a list of independent bookstores.  



Anvilcloud said...

It must be hard and even harder now.

Barbara Rogers said...

I love City Lights (and am on their email list too). I am aware they limit broswing/shopping to 9 participants at a time. A few years ago I bought all my grands some used books...I thought it was a way I could share my love of reading. Never heard a word that any of them read the books, let alone a thank you. What's with the art of thank you letters? The parents today just don't train the kids in the traditions right these days!! Of course we do emails and texts...but I do wish letters were still part of life.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

San Francisco has a City Lights bookstore, too! It must be one of those ideas that are universal. Congratulations on your booksigning, even though people were not there. It's great that you were above to arrange that.