Thursday, October 22, 2020


For those of you reading or about to read And the Crows Took Their Eyes, I came across this picture on a genealogy page-- that's Judy Shelton in the spotted skirt and her son Sol Shelton and his family--just another reminder that these folks were real and have living kin. 

The picture below is Lawrence and Polly Allen. The strange discrepancy between their face and bodies (plus Lawrence's very weird hands) suggests that the bodies may have been a stock image and the photographer just stuck their heads on.

And a reminder that there's more about the history of the massacre and the folks involved on my new website. Here's a LINK



Anvilcloud said...

That does look weird.

Barbara Rogers said...

I saw that photo outside the old beautiful house in downtown Marshall...and never put two and two together...of course it's an early composite photo! Yes, i can't wait till my copy of your book arrives and I can think of all the real people as well as those who were born of your imagination.

Junk Journal Penpals said...

Whoa! that bottom photo is really weird, isn't it! Your book arrived through my door today. I'm excited to start reading it soon xx


Vicki Lane said...

Exciting, Star! That's 2 copies I know of in the UK!