Saturday, October 24, 2020

Josie Says Let's Get Cooking!

Yesterday was very beautiful outside but Meema and I had a lot of work to do inside, fixing lunch for the boys working on the shop and getting ready for Grumpy's birthday dinner.

First we made the birthday cake. I buttered the cake pans very carefully.

Meema made the cake batter. The mixer makes a loud noise and I had to cover my ears. But after the batter was all poured, I got to lick out the bowl. It was chocolate, my favorite.

After the cake was done, we made quesadillas for the boys to have with their chili. I put the cheese on and added the top tortillas. I had one for lunch too and so did Meema.

When we weren't working, I practiced standing on my head.  

Later we made the icing and I got to taste that too. Then I had to change my clothes because there was chocolate EVERYWHERE.

There was fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans and salad for supper. I invented dipping my green beans in gravy. It was very good--you should try it!

But the best part was the birthday cake. Grumpy is 78 but we didn't have that many candles so we put seven and eight plus one to grow on. Because of germs, Grumpy didn't blow out the candles all at once, but he picked up one and blew it out very gently.

Then he put out some more by pinching them with his fingers. I did not try that because it is dangerous, but Mama held up some for me to blow out.

It was a long busy day for everyone but it was a good one too.



Sandra Parshall said...

Happy belated birthday to Grumpy!

Barbara Rogers said...

Happy birthday to John...and I loved hearing about the old fashioned Southern Menu...just right for a birthday! Not to mention that cake! Good work y'all!

Junk Journal Penpals said...

Happy birthday Grumpy! Your cake looks wonderful. Josie has been a very good helper, hasn't she Meema? Well done, all of you :)

katy gilmore said...

I think those workers must really appreciate the eats from Josie and Meema's Cafe!