Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Me, Josie, Again!

My babies were running wild yesterday. This one wanted to stand on his head and I said No! It's dangerous!

I got him settled down and then Dolly started acting up. 

So I put her to bed in my fort. She was a little cranky.

But I read to her and soon she was fast asleep

After lunch I was NOT ready for a nap so Meema and I took a little walk down to the garden.

It is like a big jungle and there are no more tomatoes or beans or corn or anything but WEEDS! I told Meema she must clean up her big MESS! Just like she tells me all the time.

Meema said we could pull up some weeds and start tidying up but I said No thanks, it is time for our nap.



Barbara Rogers said...

Nicely done, Josie and Meema! No weed pulling and nap sounded so much better then! Love seeing her concern for her dolls, and making good gestures with them.

Sandra Parshall said...

A lively imagination is the very best companion. Her dolls seem completely real to her -- and Josie is always the boss.