Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Josie Does Art for Thank You Notes

Getting packages is so much fun! 

Yesterday Aunt Fay sent me another fairy and a little horse for my collection.

They said HELLO to the others and all played together nicely.

I had two surprise packages last week also. A beautiful parasol from a lady named Judy. I have not seen her but I think she must be another aunt.

Aunt Margaret, who lives far away in New York, sent me this doll. She is very pretty and her name is Esmeralda.

Meema said she would help me with thank you notes. When people send you stuff, it is polite to write thank you notes.

Meema drew some hearts and I gave them eyes and noses and mouths. Also some of them got hair and arms and legs.

We made an art exhibit. I will pick three good ones to be my thank you notes. Meema will do the writing for me.

Also we made some Tube People. Meema gave them crazy hair and I decorated them.

They are fun to do.

I think they look pretty good. (Meema did the first face.)

I had an idea!

I made another exhibit with my Tube People.

Art is lots of fun!



A Bit of the Blarney said...

Nicely done!! Wishing you all well and a grand week!!

Barbara Rogers said...

I love the parasol! Good work coming up with so many creative activities! Yes to thank-you notes...that have real paper and go through the mail too! I've missed never having them from my grands.

Sandra Parshall said...

Thank you notes are a lost art. I'm glad you're teaching her to create them. I wonder if she realizes that most children are not showered with gifts constantly from people they don't even know. 😄

jennyfreckles said...

Busy little bee. She has some generous 'Auntys' - thank you notes are lovely to receive but rare these days, in my experience!

Vicki Lane said...

Sandy--She doesn't have much basis for comparison. I suspect she assumes that all kids get great stuff in the mail. (We're still enjoying the bird books and the stickers!)