Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A Floor!

Yesterday, Justin's boss Alastair lent a hand and the crew put down what will be the floor of the shop. 

These pictures were taken at noon when I brought down their lunch (steak and Italian sausage subs, Jayna.)

By the end of the day the floor was complete and materials were ordered to begin on the stud walls.

Though John built our house, as well as the house we lived in back in Florida, it's been forty-some years and materials and equipment and techniques have changed. Quite a bit.

So it's wonderful to have friends who are up to date on this stuff. We are feeling more optimistic than ever. 



Anvilcloud said...

It is quite a project.

Barbara Rogers said...

Great news! Yes, construction methods have changed. I somehow saw a comparison of older 2x4's to what they look like today at the ends...big difference.

Sandra Parshall said...

I love to watch buildings under construction. Although I was upset when the house next to us (whose owner died at age 102) was torn down and all the mature trees were cut down and her garden bulldozed, I was fascinated by construction of the new house. I could see down into it from our bedroom window and saw every element being added. I may know that house better than the owners do. Good luck with your project!