Friday, November 7, 2008

When Cows Go Bad . . .

There's still grass in the pastures. But the front yard was more inviting and some of the girls made an escape. Can you tell that the one on the left knows she's doing wrong?

They munch as fast as they can while we slip around -- one of us goes to open a gate, the others prepare to urge the girls toward it. The dogs, and occasionally the cats, all come to watch the fun. Though only the tail end of William made it into the last picture, Molly, William, and Hutchins were definitely a part of this scene, barking or stalking, according to their natures.

The girls made a quick pass through what was left of the garden before trundling on down the hill and back through the open gate.
All too soon they'll be confined to the lower pasture and munching up that expensive hay. So we'll put up with this bad bovine behavior, happy if they can get a few free mouthfuls here and there.

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Glenda Council Beall said...

I admire your calmness when "the girls" get into your yard. when I lived in south GA on the farm, my neighbor's cows were always in my yard, leaving me cow paddies, etc. I screamed and yelled, furious that my neighbor let such a thing happen.
That was almost 15 years ago. Today, I'd get my camera as you have done, and capture the scene.
I really love cows.

Vicki Lane said...

The cow poop I don't mind -- it's when they get in the garden or flower beds and eat up stuff. Not much at this time of year for them to bother though so I can be a little more relaxed. Plus, screaming and yelling just agitates them -- you have to be calm and quiet to make cattle go where they should.