Friday, November 14, 2008

Leaves Leaving

A much needed rain has washed most of the foliage from the trees and the air is full of the smell of wet leaves and woodsmoke. Beyond the skeleton branches, once hidden ridge lines begin to reveal their graceful curves.


The slope beside Little Sylvie's cabin is thick with russet leaves but one poplar still boasts a lacy golden form

Here today.

Gone tomorrow.

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Carol Murdock said...

Wet leaves,wood smoke, you are making me homesick again Vicki.
Shame on you for filling me with envy!

Liz said...

My favorite time of year - you can hike the ridgetops and see all of nature's secrets revealed. Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful land. Glad to hear about the rain!P.S. I bought "Serena" the day before your Goodweather Report came out - I loved it!

Susan M. Bell said...

Every season in these mountains has something to look forward to. The leaves may be gone from the trees, but my front yard is still covered with them. That looks kind of pretty as well.

My neighbor heats his house with a woodstove and fired it up for the first time today. I love the smell and even the look of the smoke as it drifts around both our houses.