Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Little Surprise

A foreboding sky yesterday morning, school called off, and a winter storm watch sent me scurrying to the store to complete my Thanksgiving shopping.

Coming back into the county, I looked toward our mountain to find it cloaked in cloud and as I got closer to home, there were a few blowing flakes and the temperature was dropping.

No snow at home, but look what my husband had left for me in the kitchen!

The first egg from the new chickens ! -- one of the banty hens has made her contribution to our things to be thankful for.

For a sense of size, here it is in with some ordinary store-bought Large eggs. (Our old hens haven't been laying either.)

I am so looking forward to having enough of these little darlings to make tiny deviled eggs!
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Carol Murdock said...

Wow... Those look bigger than our duck eggs! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Carol Murdock said...

Sorry.......I was looking at the wrong egg thinking I bet that Hurt!
I could say it was the half cup of coffee....but really it was just my natural self.Ha!