Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meet Sophie

I told you all about Sophie in Paris who is translating Signs In the Blood and Art's Blood into French. I asked for some pictures and here they are: Sophie, in someone else's kitchen, looking just as slim and chic as I imagined.

Sophie and Patrick, the jazz trumpeter

Sophie's first love is dancing . . .

But she also plays the washboard with a New Orleans-style jazz band.

Whew! There's a quick trip to France -- if you still have wanderlust, check out Kay Byer's blog and be transported to Budapest.

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Susan M. Bell said...

Why is it any time I see a photo of someone from France, especially the women, they do look so chic and stylish? Maybe in my next life I will be lucky enough to be French. ;-)

Vicki Lane said...

I told Sophie more or less the same thing. She said it's easy to stay slim as she does a lot of walking in Paris including the steps in the Metro. And of course there's the tap-dancing.

But I also have observed that we Americans tend to be really hearty eaters and that probably has something to do with it. I know it does for me.