Monday, November 3, 2008

To Do List ~ VOTE!!!

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!

Though how anyone could forget is beyond me. This has been the most exciting, nail-biting presidential campaign I can remember and I shall be oh so glad when it's over.

Generally, I am not particularly political -- I always vote (always for the same party too, having long ago decided which is most in line with most of my beliefs and not much trusting individual politicians) but this is The First Time in my life that I have a.) sent money to a candidate and b.) put that candidate's bumper sticker on my car. For me, this is wildly supportive behavior.

I won't be manning phone banks -- I hate unsolicited calls, no matter how good the cause, nor will I be buttonholing neighbors and asking them to support my candidate. I'd probably annoy far more people than I swayed. But I will be hoping with all my heart that enough people make the right choice and that our country will come together behind the next president.

It could happen.


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Susan M. Bell said...

I've yet to contribute to a campaign, and like you I HATE those phone calls. (Have gotten way too many this year.) The last prez election was the first time I did the bumper sticker thing. And you've read about my sign/sticker thing this time around.

This is probably one of the most historical elections in this country's history...and I was be so very glad when it's all over.

Anonymous said...

Virginia doesn't have early voting so we will be out early tomorrow am to "do our thing". The two interesting issues here have been:
The flyers that say democrats vote only on Wednesday and should stay home on Tuesday & the robo calls for NC Senator Elizabeth Dole?Weird!
Fingers crossed for a clear and decisive mandate for the president and no hanging chads.

Vicki Lane said...

There have been some incredibly despicable campaign tactics in this race -- fortunately it looks as if they have, for the most part, caused a backlash.

Fay -- you better take a lawn chair and a book -- in sounds as if folks are turning out in record numbers.

Fingers crossed.

Susan M. Bell said...

Vicki - OMG (in the internet vernacular). I just reread my comment posting from earlier today and feel like I should be hanging my head in shame. "I was be?" What the heck. Historical and history in the same sentence? Jeez. Where was my head? (My kingdom for an edit button.)

And yes, if we have another "hanging chad" thing for this election, I think I'll just give up on the whole thing.