Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Along the Way

Wisteria and Yellow Flags

Wild Flame Azalea

This one, across from the pond, and another near the top of the mountain are the only ones I know of on our land.

Locust bloom (They don't bloom every year, so this feels special.)

And below, the godawful Multiflora Rose--beautiful but invasive beyond belief.



Anvilcloud said...

And here, our first tulip opened.

Barbara Rogers said...

I do wonder how flame azaleas even multiply...they are so rare to see. On the other hand, my son in CO said he has to chop back with an ax the ever encroaching Aspens where their tendril roots want to grow more trees in his yard. Those roses may look pretty but I bet they're thorny too!

Sandra Parshall said...

Wisteria is not the best behaved plant either. But both it and multi flora roses are beautiful.

JJM said...

I had wisteria once, but finally had to cut it down altogether because it insisted, every spring, on sending its vines growing up the house, into the gutters, and thence onto the roof. Broke my heart to do that, though.

Back in '81, I saw a building in Athens (Greece) where someone on the top (fourth) floor had wisteria growing on their balcony. The vines hung over the railing and down almost to street level, like a purple waterfall. It was utterly magical.