Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Josie Out of Doors

It is almost summer and you know what that means--it is time to Play Outside! After we did some inside stuff (I helped with the laundry), we went down to my house so I could play in the branch and on my sandpile.

I put the wet clothes is the dryer. I am a big help. Meema says so.

My waterfall is good for washing hands . . .

And for getting water to throw around.

Also, I played on my sandpile.

Sometimes Daddy uses it to make concrete but it is mostly mine.

Up at the house, I explored around the fish pond. I saw tadpoles and something else--

It was a Blue-Tailed Skink!

He got a drink of water and then

And then he stretched out on the crane's feet!

I tried to follow him when he ran away but I think he went home to a hole under a rock.

There are lots of flowers to look at. These are Siberian Irises.

Did you know that if you touch trees and plants very gently, it helps them grow? I helped a lot of things grow today.



Barbara Rogers said...

A joyful day, expressed through a little girl and her surroundings.

Marcia said...

She's a marvel. The world is opening up to her.

Sandra Parshall said...

What a delightful day! And she ended relatively clean too.

Anvilcloud said...

It was a full and grand day, and you helped things grow.