Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Rabbit, Rabbit

Still practicing--trying to learn to wait for things to dry before adding the next wash.

Some times I use a hairdryer to speed things along.

Sometimes I work from photos I've taken.

This last is incomplete-also, like most of these, painted on the back of a previous attempt on practice paper. It's an exercise in a book and it shows how to save the white of the paper for highlights and, in this case, for reflections on the water. I'm going to try this one again on better paper.



Marcia said...

You're having fun. You have some lovely subjects to paint. I'll be painting today - the ceiling in the barn rec room. Almost done.

Anvilcloud said...

Great work as usual.

Barbara R. said...

These are looking great...just look at your first ones (on the backs on practice?) and think of what you're doing now. Keep up the good work.

Pennelainer said...

I am particularly enamored of the rabbits.