Thursday, September 2, 2021

Dress Up Play Date

On Monday Meema picked me up from pre-school and I came home with her and had a sleepover, It was the first time at Meema and Grumpy's and we all did great. Meema was a little cranky when I wouldn't let her turn off the light on the bed because it shined on her face (but after I went to sleep, she turned it off anyway.) 

I always sleep with Meema when it's naptime so this was the same, except I had to have not just Blue Elephant, but SnugglePuppy, Margot and her blanket, and Dolly. Meema fussed and asked where she was supposed to sleep but she was silly-- there was plenty of room for all of us.

In the morning we watched the sky turn pink and waited for the sun to come up but the clouds came up first. Then we got dressed (I can dress myself now) and made pancakes and read books while we waited for Louise to bring my friend for another playdate. It was a Very Long Wait till ten o'clock but at last they were here!

I am a princess and my friend is the Queen.

Louise is very good at dress up. 

We also read books in my old bed. (It is a play place now because I sleep in Meema's bed.)

Uh, oh--someone else likes my baby bed!

I asked Meema if I could sleep over  again two nights in a row after my friend went home, but she said that might be too much of a good thing. Anyway, I am having a sleepover at Grandma and Apa's on Wednesday and will have another sleepover at Meema and Grumpy's on Monday. 

It is fun having three different houses!



Barbara R. said...

What a sleepover! And you got to cuddle with all her pals too! Plus a play date with much fun! Meema is definitely one of the best! Since I'm reading one of your books (again) I feel like I've got a sleepover too because I put it aside only to catch my needed sleep!

JJM said...

Three different houses. Toys in each one of them. And people who love her dearly in each one of them. It occurs to me that this makes Josie one of the richest people on earth.

Marcia said...

You have got your hands full there with Josie. How very nice for her to have loving grandparents so close by. I know we have no regrets about moving close to oldest daughter and family. Just wish the other daughter was closer now that her #2 is on its way.