Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Another Sleepover

I can dress myself. And I am much faster than Meema. She is still stretching and putting on her socks.  We had a good night's sleep and I am ready for the day, even though there is no playdate because my friend couldn't come over today.

I picked this morning glory while Meema was filling the birdfeeder. I wanted to fill the birdfeeder but I am not tall enough yet. So I put some seed on the ground for the chipmunks and made a trail of seed up the steps.

I helped make pancakes and after breakfast while Meema was doing the dishes, I played with the Castle People. We sang songs from Frozen. Meema has never seen Frozen. I don't know why not. But then I sang some songs from O Brother, Where Art Thou and she knows those. We both like O Brother.

I had a good idea to put the Fairy Houses where the Castle People could play with them too.

I had another good idea and it was about painting. I started with different colored drops all over my paper. Meema finally gave me a big piece and I made a beautiful picture.

When it was naptime. first I had a restaurant on the bed. I made a mushroom pizza for Meema. I don't like mushrooms so I had a veggie pizza. Then we took a nap. Meema wanted to read on her Kindle but I told her to take off her glasses and close her eyes. (If she doesn't take a nap, she gets cranky.)

After nap I had to brush my hair with my great-great grandmother's silver hairbrush. Meema said I should not stand on Philly because it makes Sandy and Jayna and Barb nervous but I don't listen. I have been standing on Philly ever since I could walk and I have NEVER fallen down.

We did lots more stuff--Meema read to me but she is making me read some of the words. She says I need to learn to read to myself but I like to listen to her so I don't try very hard. And when she brings out those cards with words on them, I tell her my eyes hurt and maybe I need an apple.

And then we go outside for playdough. I have to keep her moving. It is good for old ladies to keep moving.



Anvilcloud said...

Sleepovers are to be cherished. Love the dress. O Brother was such a fun movie.

Barbara R. said...

Going "Down to the River to Pray" is now in my ears! Happy times with Josie!

jennyfreckles said...

Delightful to get that view of her day. I think she has Meema very well-trained.

Marcia said...

Very funny to read the words that Josie is saying about you and realize that you're really talking about yourself.

Unknown said...

Time to give in and watch Frozen.

Nancy Emanuel said...

I'm exhausted just watching your "sleepover" day! My goodness, I hope I can too become a grandmother one day, but with both my grown boys single, it doesn't bode well for anytime soon! She's growing up so fast, it's been a lovely thing to watch.