Friday, September 3, 2021

A Tale of Two Kittehs

Angeline here. The Woman said Sandy wanted to see pictures of us. I obliged because I was getting my Vitamin D. Soon I shall disappear to one of my hiding places to rest up for the night. I am a Creature of the Night. I bump and thump and move things about. I chase Cory. Sometimes I throw up very loudly. Recently I scored a hat trick--in the middle of the night  I knocked the bedside lamp off the chest and immediately leaped right onto The (sleeping) Woman's stomach. Politeness forbids that I repeat what she said after the initial ARRGH!

Corycat here. Angeline doesn't know what she's missing in the daytime. I love going out.

I prowl the deck.

I watch for birds. I am a Proud Wild Thing.

 But sooner or later nature calls and I have to go back inside to use the littler box.  Luckily The Woman is there for door duty. I have anther way in I can use but I like to make her feel needed.

And I get some rest to be ready for the night. I have some tricky moves in mind that may give that Angeline a little surprise...



Anvilcloud said...

Both are gorgeous and charming.

Marcia said...

You definitely have climbed into the minds of those two kitties!