Thursday, August 5, 2021

The King Must Die?

What lurks in the mind of  a four-year-old? 

I came upon this scenario after Josie had gone home. Earlier I'd seen her playing with the Castle People and she had the ladies all lined up and the king was going down the line and talking with each of them. CP conversations are carried out in wee small voices and Her Little Self doesn't like to be interrupted when she's involved in CP play.

So when I found the king in what looked like a sort of primitive Iron Maiden, I had to wonder if Me Too and Feminism had come to the Castle.

Considering that the Ladies outnumber those of the male persuasion, perhaps the King would do well to mind his manners.



Barbara Rogers said...

Poor old king! But it does look like he's taking a rest from all the weight of his job.

Sally B said...

I love this photo!!!! I think you're onto something. Go Ladies!!