Thursday, August 26, 2021

Preschool and Playdate!

I was in a hurry to tell Meema about my first day of pre-school. I go to pre-school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesdays I stay with Meema and on Thursdays I stay with Grandma. And Meema will pick me up after school many days and I will spend the afternoon with her.

Pre-school is a lot like summer camp was. We play outside a lot and take hikes and eat lunch and take naps. There are some different teachers but they are all nice. There are also different kids. There are only three girls counting me and about a hundred boys who are very noisy. (She may exaggerate but there are indeed a lot more boys. Claui said the playground looked a little like The Lord of the Flies.)

So on Tuesday when I was at Meema's, I had a playdate with a girl. She has been here before and we are friends. She is only three (I am four) but she doesn't act like a baby at all. 

When we went down the hill to meet them, I found a map in the car. I studied it carefully and told Meema it was a pirate map and it showed where the pirates had hidden the princesses. 


We played in the branch and in my sandbox for a while and then we were hungry and went up to the house for snacks.

She brought lots of food.

We decided to do some painting.

I like to let the colors be very runny and smoosh together.  

My friend paints with two brushes. We are both serious about our art.

Of course we played with the Castle People too. She likes the horses the most. 

I love my school and I love having playdates with my friend, I think she is coming back next week. Maybe we will use the pirate map and rescue the princesses.



Barbara Rogers said...

What fun! Such a busy life for Meema and Josie! Love the fact that you're recording all this here. I've started compiling a more biographical blog...then got off on a tangent with pottery. I'm only mentioning it because I've got different blogs that focus on topics, and they're just ways I collect all these darn photos. I realized the other day I left a lot on my last laptop, so need to put them into a thumb drive soon. Enjoy the wonderful Josie days!

jennyfreckles said...

So busy and learning all the time. Only THREE girls at pre-school? Wow. (That sounds like my uni course!) Boys can be good friends too, of course, but perhaps less so at that age.

Anvilcloud said...

How nice to see good socialization occurring.

Marcia said...

What great fun, Josie! So lucky to have a Meema that looks out for you and your play friend.