Sunday, August 1, 2021

Rabbit Rabbit Moonbathing

Still messing about with watercolor. Not especially happy with this one but since it's the first of the month . . . rabbit, rabbit.

The nasturtiums came out better. I simplified a drawing in a Dover coloring book, inked the outlines and added the color last.

These four below are step-by-step exercises from the ever optimistic Watercolor Success in Four Steps. (The jellyfish and octopus are upside down--I like to use up all the paper.)



jennyfreckles said...

You're doing well. It is a difficult medium to use but I love the results.

Barbara Rogers said...

Those hares are great. As Jenny said, a very difficult medium, but once mastered, I get in line to see the results. (I know that was grammatically incorrect too!)