Wednesday, August 11, 2021

A Painting Collaboration?

Josie really loves painting --on good paper and with very runny watercolor that blend and soak in. She has a nice eye for color but isn't especially representational as yet. I saw a bird in this first one and added a bit. She was pleased.

One can see all kinds of things in these two.

This below is also a collaboration--but I did the ink drawing first and then she added the color.

She is very serious about all this. When I tried to give her some cheaper paper (which didn't soak up the colors in the same way,) she was outraged. Fortunately, she's happy with the cheap watercolor set from the grocery store--and I have to say, the colors are intense.

She often starts with a circle and then adds stuff. I like the dots here below.

For some perspective, the work below is by Helen Frankenthaler--with a suggested price of 75K. 

Josie may be on to something.



Marcia said...

My daughter has had her girls use the water colors to make the outside of cards. They do the painting and she does the folding and writes on the inside. I like Josie's color selections.

Barbara Rogers said...

Very nice work! Love the first one...and all because I also like to blend colors with water and just see what happens. Adding an inked design before the color is also good to do. But there's a limit to your "good paper" supplies I imagine. Maybe some fingerpainting paper, which is very slick. Or ask at your favorite art supply place, to get manageably priced paper that can let her work with her water and colors. And of course you can keep on working on your own creations!

Sandra Parshall said...

I cherish the little paintings Josie has sent me and the sweet panda paintings you did to cheer me up. They certainly have! Keep posting about your life together before pre-school changes it all. We will all miss this phase of Josie's life tremendously!

Miss_Yves said...

Everything is nice!