Saturday, August 14, 2021

Eloise--A Story for Precocious Grownups

 My longtime friend Eleanor--and when I say long time, probably over fifty years--sent me this book, a favorite of hers, way before Josie was around. And now it's become a favorite of Josie's too.

Go figure. What do you suppose Josie makes of life at New York City's grand Plaza Hotel in the mid-Fifties? With bell boys and elevators and room service and debutantes and ladies who lunch in hats with little half veils. (I once had a hat with a half veil--for church, not lunching. But I digress.)

Eloise is a free spirit with a wonderful imagination and unbounded energy. I guess that's what resonates with the Josie. Eloise is also rather self-willed and naughty. Josie's very favorite bit is when Philip, Eloise's tutor, is trying to get her to pay attention to her French lesson--

"Here's what makes Philip angry

He says, 'Alors! nous commencerons' and I say 'Alors! nous commencerons'

And he says 'Shall we settle down Eloise?' and I say 'Shall we settle down Eloise'"

It goes on like this for a page till Philip is shouting for Eloise's nanny and Josie is laughing helplessly. And no doubt making mental notes.

If you haven't met Eloise--a classic--you too might enjoy her. 

I've ordered two more Eloise books--Eloise in Paris and Eloise's Christmas.

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Barbara Rogers said...

Oh Josie has a tutorial about becoming naughty now! She may find her teachers at pre-school don't laugh!