Saturday, August 7, 2021

First Fruit--of the New Shop

I was all set to do a post about how tired I am of having to worry about Covid and 45--both of which keep hanging around like a truly awful fart. But John just brought up this lovely taboret/art cart that was his first non-shop-related project.

In spite of having two upstairs rooms available for my use, the dining room has the best light and best consistent temperature and the best view. So that's where I've been playing at watercolor. I asked John to make me a taboret on wheels so I could organize my stuff a little better. (It's been mostly stacked on a chair and on the floor. ) What a pleasure to have things right at hand!

More flowers copied from a Dover coloring book. It's a good discipline for me to attempt to replicate a line drawing. Once the pencil suits me (after considerable erasing,) I ink the lines. Then it's just to fill in the color which is pure delight.

I always did like coloring books.



jennyfreckles said...

My, how lovely - and what a wonderful colour. You are both truly talented. I think you can start to add 'watercolourist' to your CV.

Anvilcloud said...

His talent helps your talent.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good looking cart, and I am not sophisticated enough to have called it a taboret. Loved the flowers, especially the poppies!

katy gilmore said...

What a wonderful taboret- will make painting even more fun!