Monday, August 9, 2021


Hey! It's me Josie again! Sometimes I wear a tiara.

But mostly I don't.

I love painting. I use a LOT of water and the colors all mix together. My pictures take a LONG time to dry. But that's okay. While it is drying I have other things to do.

Like play with my garden fairy houses. Meema put them outside but I said NO thankyou, please. I would like them inside. So she brought them back.

Now I can keep an eye on my paintings and the garden fairy houses and the Castle People all at the same time while I eat my lunch. 

Meema just says Whatever and something about choosing one's battles.

I did not think old ladies could  be in battles. Silly Meema!



Barbara Rogers said...

Oh my, dear Josie. Your Meema has chosen to fight many battles in her life, and some recent ones...about her writings getting published. They just look a bit different than your Castle People! Have a great week ahead!

Marcia said...

Sure know about choosing the battles when dealing with little ones. It was good to spend time with our 4 year old from Buffalo while we vacationed together. She was very cuddly and told us both how much she loved us. Precious time. Too bad they live so far away.

jennyfreckles said...

She's already quite feisty. I can only imagine pre-school will enhance that. You may have even more battles to choose from!